New Releases – Special Deals

New Releases – Special Deals

Box Set For .99c

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Buy Murder & Mayhem for .99c

Buy Murder & Mayhem for .99c

Looking for unforgettable heroes pitted against unbeatable odds?

Evil lurks in broad daylight. Conspiracies play out in the shadows. Nowhere is safe. And these 20 pulse-pounding mysteries and thrillers won’t let you forget it…

Fans of Lee Child, James Patterson, Gillian Flynn, Paula Hawkins, and John Grisham will love the USA Today and Award-Winning authors in the MURDER & MAYHEM boxed set, which is why the authors of this collection came together to bundle 20 EXCLUSIVE thrillers and mysteries, including plenty of BRAND NEW material!

This unbeatable lineup of stories will spike your heart rate and blow your senses with thousands of pages of clever crimes, devastating murders, heart-pounding mystery, and psychological twists.

From tales of spies and espionage to small-town mysteries and traditional courtroom thrillers to hard-boiled noir, this collection offers a cross-section of modern thriller and mystery.
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Including Titles From…
Award-Winning author Nathan M. Farrugia
Nick Thacker
John Birmingham
N.D. Hill
Eva Winters
Lee Hayton
USA Today bestselling author Olivia Wildenstein
Nathan Goodman
John Ling
Award-Winning author Fiona Quinn
M.R. Graham
USA Today bestselling author H.B. Moore
Award-Winning author Pamela Crane
Award-Winning author Ashley C. Harris
Award-Winning author Terry Keys
Steve P. Vincent
Tina Glasneck
Award-Wining author Pauline Creeden
Dave Sinclair
New York Times bestselling author Monica Corwin

Iron Pipeline @ 99c

The Stopper Files

Deaths in New York and surrounding states are piling up. Drug dealers, gang-bangers and police alike are dying violently as the supply of black market guns on the streets is out of control. Interpol’s one and only Stopper, Merlin Arthur Dragon is sent to stop the gunrunners and their steady stream of weapons from flowing up the Iron Pipeline, Interstate I-95 and its connector highways in the United States. But what Merlin uncovers is a conspiracy that will send a ripple of fear through through the government and threaten the lives of untold numbers unless stopped.

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